DVD Order
Please confirm the content of your order and click the ORDER button. You can order max 20 items on this page. Please process it divided into plurals when your hope exceeds 20.
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The commission is necessary for PayPal for about 1000 yen.
Comment(Arbitrariness) :
- You can input directly in the table below. And, you should input the product number accurately.
--- ex) OK: DDOS-001 (normal-width capital letter) , NG: NG:DDOS001 (There is no hyphen) , NG: ddos001 (Small letter)
- In the following table, only DVD is an object.
No ID Title Media Qtty Price
01 yen
02 yen
03 yen
04 yen
05 yen
06 yen
07 yen
08 yen
09 yen
10 yen
11 yen
12 yen
13 yen
14 yen
15 yen
16 yen
17 yen
18 yen
19 yen
20 yen
Subtotal yen
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Commission ( to PayPal and Bank ) yen

Amount of Money Total yen

Payment Operation
Please click "Order" button when you complete the input.
The screen of DONE is displayed and return to this screen with the back button of a browser.
And, please do the following.
1. Login PayPal -- Please acquire the PayPal account beforehand.
2. Payment -- Please execute the payment transaction according to the following image.
(1) Please input the mail address that exists in the image.
(2) Please input the numerical value of the "Amount of Money Total".
(3) Please select "JPY - Japanese Yen".
(4) Please select "Goods".